Orphan Relief Effort

God's Hands and Feet to Orphans

Our History

My life started out exactly as I always planned it. I married my best friend and high school sweetheart, Bill. We bought our first home and settled in for a long and happy life together. I held a fantastic job in my field of study, accounting. I felt I lived “the American dream.”

Over the next few years, I birthed two beautiful daughters, Kathrine and Kristine. We found a great church home, which provided us with many great friendships and activities for our growing family. Everything continued to move along ideally for me. I felt in control of my life and my future. I allowed God to come along for the ride, but I did all the driving.

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$1 A Day

 How does your $1 a day makes a difference!

  • Save a orphan child’s life
  • Provide on-going care for a child
  • Provide laughter and smiles
  • Provide food, shelter and love
  • Watch our children grow and florish 
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