Home of Hope – Myanmar Children

Our home in Myanmar is called the Home of Hope.


Thang Sawn Khual


Thang Sawn KhaulThang Sawn Khual


Gender: Boy

Birth date: March 15, 2006

Child Story: When Thang Khual was 5 days old his mother died and he was raised by his grandmother. His grandmother is too old now and unable to take care of him. He will start schooling from June. He loves playing and Bible recitation.

Zo Sian Lun



Gender: Girl

Birth date: February 2, 2004

Child Story: Her mother passed away when she was two months old. Her father remarried and Zo was rejected by her father. She loves readying and wants to be a nurse

Suan Muan Kim




Gender: Boy

Birth date: July 25, 2006

Child Story:  He is the brother to Thang Than Lian and was living with his grandmother. He likes to play football and wants to be a school teacher.

Thang Than Lian


Thang Than LianThang Than Lian


Gender: Boy

Birth date: July 18, 2004

Child Story: His parents were divorced and he was living with his grandmother until she was too old to care for him. He likes to play guitar and football. He wants to be an evangelist.

Sut Sian Niang


Sut Sian NiangSut San Niang


Gender: Girl

Birth date: July 30, 2004

Child Story: Both of her parents died when she was four years old and was looked after by her grandmother till she became to old and sick. She loves to draw and wants to become a nurse.

Mung Deih Khual


Mung Deih KhualMung Deih Khual

Mung Deih Khual

Gender: Boy

Birth date: October 10, 2004

Child Story: Both of his parents died when he was four years old and his grandmother was looking after him until she became too old and sick. He like playing and reading and he wants to become a pastor.

Niang Khawm Huai


Niang Khawm HuaiNiang Khawm Huai

Ning Khawl Ciang

Gender: Girl

Birth date: September 9, 2002

Child Story: Her mother died giving birth in February 2008 and her father got remarried. Her grandmother was looking after her until she became to old to care for Niang. Now she goes to school every day and her favorite chore is cleaning with the other children.